Growing a Garden


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“Self-reliance is a product of our work and undergirds all other welfare practices. It is an essential element in our spiritual as well as our temporal well-being.”

—Thomas S. Monson, “Guiding Principles of Personal and Family Welfare,” Liahona, Feb. 1987, 5

Planting a garden, even a small one, allows for a greater degree of self-reliance. With the right information and a little practice, individuals and entire families can enjoy the many benefits of planting and tending a garden.

The following information is provided to help you prepare your garden.

Planning a Garden

As you begin to plan and prepare for a garden, here are a few general reminders:

  1. 1Vegetables need at least six hours of sunlight a day.

  2. 2The garden site should be relatively level. If there is a steep slope, run rows of plants across it to prevent erosion.

  3. 3It is a good idea to spade (mix) the soil to a depth of 12 to 14 inches. Adding organic matter such as manure, peat moss, or leaves will benefit the soil.

  4. 4Be careful with fertilizer. All fertilizers have a three-digit code. For vegetable gardens, look for 8-8-8 or 16-16-16.

  5. 5The simplest way to eliminate plant pests is to remove insects, worms, or eggs by hand. Some shake-on powder or liquid bug sprays are relatively safe to use.

  6. 6Proper depth for planting seeds is approximately four times as deep as the seed is thick.

Gardening in Containers

If you don’t have a traditional garden plot, you can plant vegetables and herbs in containers that fit on driveways, balconies, roofs, and even window sills. This activity can be interesting and rewarding for adults and children alike. The following resources provide useful information about gardening in containers

Additional Resources

Gardening in Containers,” Family Home Evening Resource Book, 307.
Learn the soil depth, planting times, and proper care necessary to make a small garden of vegetables or herbs flourish inside your home or on your balcony.





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