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Space Saving Kitchen Center Power Mixer That Is Built-in Your Kitchen Counter Top
TCC Kitchen Center
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we buy Kitchen Center products thru a local distributor?
Yes click here to find the nearest distributor in your area.
Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes we do, but only to authorized retailers, contact our Sales Department for more details or to find out how to become an authorized retailer
What do I do if my system stops working?
The first step is to read the manual many issues can be resolved this way if you can't resolve the issue please take it back to the dealer where you purchased the Kitchen Center
Do I have to cut a hole in my countertop?
Only for countertop installations, for all other installations a hole must be cut on the surface where you want to install the Kitchen Center
Will the Power Base fit in an existing Nutone™ Power Base hole?
Can I use my old Nutone™ attachments?
Yes most of them will work just fine but some need to be modified to work with the new Power Base
The red light stays on after I turn off the Power Base is that normal?
Yes the Power Base is on standby mode ready to be used
I have a home outside the US is the Power Base compatible with different voltages?
At this time only 120v 60hz is supported
What is covered under the warranty an for how long?
The warranty covers manufacturing defects only and is good for a period of two years from the original date of purchase
Is the warranty transferable?
No only the original purchaser will be credited for defective products

TCC Kitchen Center will accept all the major credit cards.

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