Central Point Oregon Stake



Local Frequencies:

  1. 1.Stake RPTR -

  1. 2.Stake Simplex - (busy +.01)

  1. 3.Stake 40m - (busy +10)

  1. 4.Storehouse RPTR -

  1. 5.Storehouse Simplex -

  1. 6.Storehouse 40m -

  1. 7.


  1. 9.

HF Frequencies:

  1. 1.

    - Sat. 0800 net

  1. 2.

      - Sat. 0815 net

  1. 3.

       - Sat. 0830 net

  1. 4.

        - Sat. 0845 net

Emergency Communications

This is not an Official Website of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints

For additional information contact:

Jeff Barber (need@gmail.com)

Central Point Oregon Stake

Emergency Preparedness Specialist

Amateur Radio is used by the Central Point Oregon Stake to provide emergency communications between Wards, the Bishop’s Storehouse and Church Headquarters when phone lines and other forms of communications are down.

Texting, email and other internet modes of communication (i.e. Skype) may also be available during Emergencies because of their small bandwidth.

The Stake has an Emergency Communications Specialist that coordinates with each Ward Communications Specialist to provide emergency communications for ecclesiastical leadership.

Stake Emergency Response Communications ERC Nets are held Sunday Evenings at 7:30 p.m. on repeater frequency 146.865 or 146.47 simplex.

The Southeast ERC net is held Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m on 75m - 3.872.50 and at approximately 8:50 am on 40m - 7.230.

Local Volusia County ARES 145.240 (http://volusiaares.org) and Flagler County ARES 147.075 (www.flaglerares.org)  provide County wide emergency communication/training.  Participation is encouraged.

Stake ERC Net Script Repeater

Stake ERC Net Script Simplex

Stake ERC Active Roster