Script for the Central Point/Medford ERC nets

	(in the following a double slash (//) indicated when to un-key and then
                   rekey the microphone. This avoids repeater time-outs and allows 
                   breaks for emergencies)
     (At 8:45 PM)  Good Evening. This is a general call for the Central Point  
                   Medford ERC net. This net meets in two sessions: repeater based 
                   earlier on repeater (145.41 - offset) and this net on simplex
                   147.585. The simplex session of the Central Point Medford 
                   ERC net begins in 1 minute. This is (callsign) standing by 
                   for the repeater net session.

//   (At 8:46)     Good evening. This is the Central Point Medford ERC net,
                   simplex session. This net is conducted each week at this time.
                   Your net control is (name,  callsign ).
//                 The purpose of this net is to provide practical experience
                   with net usage, local VHF propagation, and good 
                   fellowship. In particular, this net supports local NGOs 
                   (churches, etc.) with necessary emergency communication 
                   regarding their members and organization. Our style is 
                   somewhat casual but intended to be fun for participants.

//                 This net is run alphabetically from a roster. Those with 
                   emergency traffic may break at any time but coordinate with
                   net control. A call for visitors will be made later.

//                 After the roster, we will ask for visiting stations who wish to 
                   be acknowledged and possibly join the net. Announcements or 
                   general interest items follow the call for visitors. 

//                 Please note the revised closing statement given after rollcall 
                   with a brief discussion of emergency procedures.
//                 Roll call from the roster follows. Please answer with your 
                   name and callsign, approximate location, and power output 
                   and power source. For example, this is (use your info, not mine!) 
                   (Allan  K7GT near Gold Hill running 100 watts from commercial power)

//                 (Call the roll by name and callsign at this time).

//                 This is (net control's callsign) and the Central Point Medford 
                   ERC net. Are there any stations who have been called but have not

//                 Are there any visiting stations who wish to identify? 
                   Please respond with first name and callsign. 	

//                 Are there any general announcements or comments for the net?

//                (Wait briefly for announcements).

//                 Last call for late checkins or visitors:

//                 In the event of an emergency, please turn on your radio and 
                   check in with net control (either net). If no net control is 
                   there, please act as a temporary net control. 

//                 Those with HTs and marginal or limited battery options should 
                   check in ASAP and then on the hour after that 
                   (5 minutes before to 5 minutes after the top of the hour).
                   Net control will coordinate all traffic, possibly deferring to
                   simplex frequencies. A standardized set of simplex frequencies
                   is available from any net control. Both repeater and simplex
                   nets may operate simultaneously in an emergency. SSB on 144.225
                   may also be used for weak signal and interface between nets
                   (acting as a back door).

//                 The Central Point Medford ERC net repeater session is now 
                   formally closed. We thank all amateurs who have participated 
                   in the net tonight and look forward to our next week's nets. 
                   This net session meets Sunday evenings at 8:30 PM Pacific Time
                   on this repeater frequency (145.41- ) and at other times when

//                 We invite those with 2m ssb gear to join us briefly for an
                   informal chat chat net on 144.225 MHz. The ssb calling frequency
                   144.200 was very active in the recent wildfire. We intend to
                   monitor both .200 and .225 as occasion permits in an emergency.
//                 This is (callsign), clear.